How to Opt-out of Break and Breakfast Items (Desktop)

If your school offer a break or breakfast time booking solution, you may be able to restrict your child's account so that only lunch time purchases can be made. This is not available for all solutions but where provided it gives you more control over meal balance spending.

  This article will teach you...

How to opt out of Break and Breakfast items.

Accessing Opt-Out Settings


Please note the following process is only available for schools that use the Cypad Meal Solution, if you are unable to see the options please contact your school directly.

    1. Select Book Meals and Places [1]Student.png
    2. Click Make or View Bookings [2]MOVB.png
    3. Click Meal Options [3]


If you are following this guide on a mobile, Meal Options will instead be a Cog Wheel, for more information please the Mobile Guide.

  1. Meal
  2. Select/De-Select the Opt-Out Options [4] and click Save [5] to finish the process.Save.png
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