Translating the School Gateway Application

In instances where our products or support documentation are not available in your preferred language you can use your browser's automatic translation feature to convert and translate the content into a language that suits you best.

This article will show you...

How to translate School Gateway into different languages. 

For parents who use School Gateway, and wish to translate the site, we recommend using a laptop or computer and accessing via the Chrome Web Browser.

Click here to access the Change Chrome languages and translate web pages.

Translating School Gateway (Desktop/Laptop)

While many browsers provide language translation services the following instructions are for the Chrome web browser. This is freely available to download and use.

  1. Download and install the Chrome browser (if not already installed). 
    Google Chrome – Download the fast, secure browser from Google
  2. Once configured, open Chrome and search for School Gateway
    Chrome with SG selected.png
  3. Select the link labelled School Gateway Login
  4. Using the three dots (also known as Kebab menu) select Translate.
    First kebab for SC translate.png
  5. Select the three dots again and then choose the language you wish to display the screen in.
    Second kebab for SC translate.png
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