To Pay by Bank Transfer

1. Click on ‘Pay by Bank Transfer’

2. Your personal information will already be pre-filled from what the school have on record for you, and once you have entered your bank account details, press Next

3. It will ask you to confirm the bank details are correct. If your details are listed correctly and you are happy, press the Submit button. This will confirm that you wish to set up Instant Bank Transfer

4. At this point you will receive an email confirming that Instant Bank Transfer has
been set up

5. Now that Instant Bank Transfer has been set up, you will see a screen that gives you the chance to review your payment before proceeding. This is the screen you will see straight away after selecting Instant Bank Transfer as your desired payment option, as the initial set up has now taken place. To proceed, select Make payment or to return to the basket to make any changes, select Return to basket

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