How to change bank details on School Gateway for Bank Transfer payments

  1. Once you have logged in to School Gateway, open the Payments tab
  2. Select the items that you wish to pay for and add them to your basket
  3. Once you have selected everything and added it to your basket, click View Basket
  4. After confirming the payment total, click Checkout
  5. Once in the checkout screen, it will ask you to review your payment
  6. Where it says Payment Method – Change, click the Change option and this will allow you to change either the way you would like to pay (Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card) or change your Bank Details
  7. Select the option to change bank account details and follow the steps to change.
  8. Click on Pay by Bank Transfer
  9. You will then see confirmation that the payment has taken place.


    When you make your first payment using Instant Bank Transfer, it can take up to 10 working days for the funds to leave your account. After your first payment, additional payments then take 3 -5 working days; however, from the school’s point of view, money is credited instantly.



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