How to make a payment

Purchasing items is easy and a variety of options are available to you, depending on how you wish to make payments. Here you will find a summary of the common payment processes..

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How to select one or more items and pay for them.

  1. Log in to your ParentPay account.
  2. Choose an item that you wish to purchase.
    Pay for meals and other items buttons.png
    • To quickly pay for meals or add credit to a meal balance
      • Select the Pay for meals button.
      • Enter the amount you wish to add to the meal balance.
    • To view and pay for anything else
      • Select Pay for other items.
      • Select View against the item you wish to pay for.
      • Enter the amount and complete any other requested information.
  3. You can now select Pay by One-click payments if you wish to buy it now using this payment option. If you do, you can skip all of the remaining steps after confirming your purchase.
    payment 6.png
  4. Alternatively, select Add to basket.
  5. If required, continue adding items using the steps above. 
  6. When you have added all your items to the basket, select the basket icon. Basket with item in it.png
Select Pay by One-click payments to pay directly from your bank account.
  1. If you have already setup One-click payments you simply need to confirm to complete your payment.  The money will be drawn from your bank account within three days.
  2. If you wish to set One-click payments up or want to know more about it, see article What is One-click payments?
Select Other payment method if you you wish to use a credit or debit card.
  1. You can manually enter your card details, or use a payment card that you have stored in your ParentPay account.

    PP Card entry for payment.png
  2. Once your card details have been entered or chosen, select Review payment and complete your transaction. Choose how you wish to pay for your items:
  3. You will receive an onscreen notification when you have completed your transaction.


When making a payment, if you have any Parent Account credit it will automatically reduce the cost of your purchase, much like using store credit.  If there is still an outstanding amount cost you will be asked to pay the remainder using your preferred payment method. 

To learn more about Parent Account credit checkout How to pay with Parent Account credit


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