What is Auto top-up?

If you have set up the One-click payments on your account you may also be able to turn on Auto top-up to automatically add credit to your child's meal balance when it falls below a minimum amount.

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What Auto top-up is and how you can use it.


To use Auto top-up you must set up One-click payments on your account. The Auto top-up facility will only become available once this setup is completed and authorised.

Auto Top-up is currently only available to certain payers/schools. Further roll-out of this service is ongoing.

What is Auto top-up?

Auto top-up is an automated service that uses One-click payments to add credit to a child's meal balance when it falls below a certain value.  Both the amount topped up and the minimum amount are configurable.
This is a simple and efficient way to always ensure that your child has the balance required to purchase a nutritious school meal.

How often is Auto top-up checked/updated?

Balances are checked once per day (currently between 1800 – 1900 GMT though times may vary).  If your child's meal balance has fallen below the minimum value you set at this time, the service will use the One-click payments service to add the pre-defined amount you have set.

What can it be used for?

Auto top-up is currently only available for non-bookable school meal services.


Auto top-up does not operate during holiday periods (as determined by your school’s or organisation’s term dates).


Low balance alerts are no longer needed for balances that are automatically topped up and are therefore disabled for that payment item.



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