How to make meal or event bookings

If your child’s school makes use of the ParentPay booking service, you will be able to book your child’s meals and/or event places in advance of the session. This helps the school minimise food waste, and reduce administrative burden on the school staff.

To check whether your child’s school uses the booking feature, select the child you wish to view. The bookings option will be available in the left side menu (or in the menu drop down if using a mobile device).


Making bookings

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Select the child to make bookings for [1].

    meal book 1.png

  3. From the menu [2] select Book meals and places > Make bookings [3].

    meal book2.png

  4. Select the Event that you wish to make a booking for [4] and If required choose a week. Then select Make or view bookings [5].

    meal book 3.png

  5. A booking screen will be presented:

    NOTE Several possible bookings screens are available based on the options chosen by the child's school setup. Each of these options are displayed below:

    • OPTION 1: Full menu choices are displayed with images (where available) for each item for each day. Nutritional information may also be available. Additional weeks can be viewed by using the Next week button [X].

    • OPTION 2: Individual choices are available to select for example main, side, and dessert for each day [X]. Additional weeks can be viewed by using the Next week button [X].

    • OPTION 3: View the available options shown on a fixed menu and then book a meal or event for each day. Use the Next week button to make further bookings.

    • OPTION 4: Book a meal or event with no menu to view. Use the Next week button to make further bookings.

  6. Make all desired bookings.
  7. A summary will be displayed at the bottom of the page with any previous unpaid bookings shown in red.mceclip5.pngWARNING: Any bookings must be confirmed and (if required) paid for within 2 hours of selecting them.  Failure to do so will result in the bookings being automatically cancelled.

  8. Review the booking summary, and select Confirm booking.
  9. Any credit in your Parent Account will be used to pay for the meals. Any remaining cost can be paid by Bank Transfer (if enabled) or Other payment method.meal 2.png



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