How to add a child or adult to an existing Parent Account

You can add up to 15 people to each ParentPay Parent Account.  These people can be any children, staff, or visitors who attend schools or clubs that use ParentPay, providing a single location for all your ParentPay payments, bookings and communications.

NOTEEach person at each school or club they attend will need individually activating and will take up one of the available slots. In such cases, the same person will be listed several times, once for each location.

  • Log in to your existing activated ParentPay Parent account.
  • Either:
  • On a mobile device select the menu icon from the top left of the page then select Add a child.add child.png
  • On a computer select the Add a child icon from the top left of the home page or from the left-hand menu.mceclip0.png
  • Enter the activation codes exactly as displayed in your activation letter or email, then select Continue.
  • If adding a child, enter their date of birth before selecting Confirm.
    NOTE: This step is not required for staff and visitor accounts.mceclip2.png
  • You will see confirmation that the child has been added successfully and you will be able to make payments for the newly added child.

Repeat steps 2-5 for each person you wish to add (up to a maximum of 15 people).

On your homepage, you should now see an additional tab for each person added.



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