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As a parent using ParentPay for your school's payment needs you may, on occasion, need to contact us if you are not able to get a resolution from the child's school. 

Finding answers

You will find an answer to the most common questions in one of our 'How to...' guides, here in this Help Centre.  You can either navigate to an issue using the categories or, if you know what you are looking for, you can use the handy search option.





Can't find the answer? Let's get you some help

We understand that not all problems can be solved with simple guides.  Don't worry though, if you can't find the answer to your specific question at the bottom of each article, including this one, you'll find a handy link to contact support.


You'll be asked to log in if you aren't already, making it easier to capture some of the information we will need to solve your query, for instance, your child's name and the school they attend.

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 14.00.56.png

Note: If you can't log in we also have an option for that, but you will have to type in all the information manually, and any inaccuracies could cause delays while we try to find your details.
This option should only be used if you can't log in (see Getting help if you are unable to log in to your account for more information).

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Once logged in, you will see two options for getting support, each displaying a sample of the type of issue that each group can help with:

Support type Outcome




Selecting this option will allow you to select a child to display the contact details of the school they attend, allowing you to call or email them directly.




Selecting this option will open a ParentPay support form. Select a Child name, Issue type, and enter an Issue description, including all relevant information such as dates, times, amounts, payment item names, etc.

NOTE: Do NOT enter any payment details

After selecting Send support request a confirmation message with your ticket reference number is displayed, and an email with the details of your issue will be sent to the email address associated with your Parent account. You can reply to this email should you wish to update or close your issue.


Note: If your issue involves something that only your child's school or caterer can help with, and you choose the Contact ParentPay option, you will be directed back to the school for assistance.


Getting help if you're unable to log in to your account

If you can not log in to your Parent Account and need help with accessing your account you can use the manual support logging form.  

Instead of logging in when asked, select the Unable to login option (shown in [2] above).
This will open a manual entry form that you can complete to log your access issue.  All information will need to be entered accurately to ensure the team is able to provide appropriate help.  

Note: Because you are not logged in your account cannot be verified and only limited support can be offered.  This form is provided for people that are not able to log in such as those with login problems or those that do not have an account but are seeking more general advice.

After selecting the Submit button you will receive an email to the address you entered along with a ticket reference number.  Should you wish to update the details or close the issue, simply respond back to that email.

Note: Our Parent Support team is open between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday (exc. English Bank Holidays).


Not found what you need?

For faster support, it is always best to contact your school first. They’ll be able to help with most issues. If you need to report an issue to us, we require that you log in to your account first. This allows us to securely identify you and your school right away. If you can’t log in, you can still log an issue with us though it will take longer to process. 

Click here to contact support

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