How to Purchase an item from a School's ParentPay shop page

Purchasing an item from a school ParentPay Shop Page

If the school that your child attends use an online shop to sell uniforms, exam resits or music tuition etc.  The school may issue you with a URL or a shortcut on their school webpage.  Once you have this you will be able to make purchases online.  The school will receive the order and process it ready for you or your child to collect from the school.

The images below shows a typical ParentPay shop page for schools



There may be more than one size, colour, price or options for individual items.  School will monitor the stock levels so be aware of the Low stock or Out of Stock indicators. 


Note: Additional variants may have a different price associated, click the drop down under the option section to view this information.


  1. Select the option that best suits your child’s requirement.

  2. If more than one of the same item is required, increase the number required by tapping the plus symbol.  


  3. Once you have the correct number of items selected, Select add to basket.

  4. A small notification will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen


  5. Add more items to the basket if required.
  6. Once you have completed your shopping select the shopping trolley icon at the top of your screen.


  7. Your basket contents and the total cost of your purchase will be displayed.


  8. Select Continue
  9. Complete the details on the form – Note the mandatory fields *


    Note: This information is required so the school can issue the correct items to the to correct child in the school.

  10.  Complete the next section

  11. Some information is needed for security and fraud checks, click the links to see the full information
    2024-06-12 11_23_03-Window.png

  12. Once all details have been completed select the Proceed to payment page.


  13. Complete the payment information


  14. Again there is some additional information stating why we need the information from you before submitting your details.

  15. Once your payment details have been entered

  16. Select Review payment

  17. If you are ready to place your order select Pay Now


    A success screen will then appear



    Select Complete order and return to shop page.  This will complete your order so you are able to close the browser page.  An email will be sent to your email address with the details of the order.

What is PayByParentPay?

PayByParentPay is a brand-new functionality that allows parents to pay for shop items using their personal cards. A New button has been added in the final stages of checking-out items which gives you the option to pay for said items using an eligible debit/credit card.


Can I Use PayByParentPay as a guest?

If you do not have a PayByParentPay Account you can use the following process to complete the Transaction once all relevant shops items have been added to the basket:

Select Checkout as Guest [1]  located just under the PayByParentPay button.


Located on the following screen you can see a Breakdown [2] of all items added to the basket and the overall cost of all items combined. 

Just below 3 Mandatory Fields are required to be filled otherwise you will be unable to finish the transaction:

First Name [3]: Full First Name of the person processing the transaction.

Last Name [4]: Full Last Name of the person processing the transaction.

E-Mail [5]: Relevant E-Mail where the order confirmation will be sent to.

Select Continue [6] to proceed to the next step.


The following section contains multiple fields related to your Personal Card Details [7].


All details can be found on your Bank Issue debit/credit card, you must ensure you have an active card for the transaction to proceed.

Select Continue [8].


Guest users must enter the Relevant Address [9] details associated with their linked bank card.


Address details MUST match the linked address on the bank card.

Select Continue [10] to finalize the transaction process.


Upon selecting Continue the transaction will now be processed by ParentPay.


Once the transaction has been processed and the transfer successful you will receive two confirmations from the system:

Confirmation #1 will appear within the Payment Window:


Confirmation #2 will be sent to your linked E-Mail Inbox:


Using PayByParentPay if you have already created an account?


This process is only applicable to users who have already created a PayByParentPay account.

Once all items have been added to the basket select the PayByParentPay Button [1].


Using the details created during the PayByParentPay account process enter your E-Mail [2], Password [3] and select Login [4] to start the transaction process.



The login details entered at this stage will be the same details you use to access the ParentPay system.

Upon successful Login an Order Summary [5] will now be displayed on the screen with the name of the Item and the Total Cost.

Select Pay Now [6] to process the transaction.


Selecting Pay Now will begin the transactions process:


Once the transaction has successfully been processed you will receive Two Confirmations:

Confirmation #1 can be seen on the payment window:

Confirmation #2 will be sent to the E-Mail linked with the created PayByParentPay account:


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