How to enable Auto top-up (ATU)

If you have set up the One-click payments on your account you may also be able to turn on Auto top-up to automatically add credit to your child's meal balance when it falls below a minimum amount.

This article will teach you...

How to configure Auto top-up on your account.


To use Auto top-up you must set up One-click payments on your account. The Auto top-up facility will only become available once this setup is completed and authorised.

ATU is currently only available to certain payers/schools. Further roll-out of this service is ongoing.

ATU is only available for meals balance top-ups.


How to set up ATU

Option 1: Via the school meal payment item 

  1. Navigate to Active payment items 
  2. Select View on the school meal payment item (this may be named differently to the above example)
  3. Select Set up auto top-up.
  4. Configure the minimum and top-up amount and confirm.

Option 2: Via the Pay for <child name> meals option (on the home page)

  1. From the Payer Application home page, select Pay for <name’s> meals option
  2. Select the link labelled Auto top-up available
  3. Configure the minimum and top-up amount and confirm.
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  • Hi Parent Pay.

    I don't have the option for Banktransfer or Auto Top Up.

    Have you removed this feature?


  • Thanks for your feedback Toby.  Auto Top Up isn't available to all parents yet but we are working hard to make it so. Bank Transfer is generally available unless you or your school have requested it be restricted for your account.

    You can see how to do this using this link.

  • Hi,  on my child's account it doesn't give me the option to do auto payment.  Is there anything I can do to set this up?  I would make things much easier.  Thanks

  • Would be good to see this working.


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